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Cashflow Automation on LandFund
Cashflow Automation on LandFund

Everything you need to know about Cashflow Automation on LandFund.

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Cashflow Automation is a brand new feature in LandFund's Appraisal Tool. The feature has now been enabled for all your current and new appraisals, so we'd like to tell you all about it.

What is Cashflow Automation?

To put it simply, Cashflow Automation links information from inside the appraisal directly to the cashflow.

When a Line or S-curve is selected, the costs are automatically spread inline with the relevant curve, streamlining your workflow and improving the accuracy of the cashflow interest calculation.

Why is Cashflow Automation so good?

With Cashflow Automation, you'll:

  • reduce the possibility of errors or shortfalls

  • get more precise calculations of interest applied

  • create cashflows quicker and with less effort

That means you can instantly generate accurate cashflows to provide to lenders and increase your chances of securing funding at a competitive rate.

Can I still make manual changes to my Cashflow?

Yes! If you manually enter costs into the Cashflow spread within the 'month' columns then the curve type will automatically set to 'custom'.

Or, click the curve type button to switch between curve types and reach custom as seen below.

What curve types are supported in the Cashflow?

Line curve
Distributes evenly across the month start to the month end.

Standard development distribution curve. Costs start lower, get higher towards the middle and then lower again at the end of the term.


Enter your own figures in each cell, ensuring the sum equals the total value of the cost.

To get started, head to LandFund.

If you have any questions, feedback or would just like a chat then drop our resident LandFund expert, Preston, an email at

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