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New Site Reports on LandInsight (Beta)
New Site Reports on LandInsight (Beta)

Everything you need to know about the Beta phase of site reports

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New site reports

We've launched a new site report format, that will make available a series of brand new features to you.

What are the main changes?

  • Reports are now generated much faster for you

  • Available as a PDF document

  • Measurement units will match your chosen defaults

  • Add your company logo, for a professional finish

  • Add comments into the report

  • Remove information you do not wish to include

  • Adding and removing sale prices within the comparable report will update the respective sale price stats

  • Planning applications are now shown for the specific site in question, and within 50m. It also includes appeals data, so you have a complete and final decision for applications

  • Includes SHLAA data, Agricultural Land Classifications data, emerging policy and information on planning appeals (unlike the old reports)

The new style site reports will support the immediate inclusion of other new datasets whenever these are made available in LandInsight

What else should I know?

  • You still have access to the old style site reports for the foreseeable future

  • The old style site reports will not have all the latest data available to you

How can I help?

With your feedback we can begin to understand what we've done right so far and what still needs work. So, drop us a note via intercom or via your customer success person if you'd like to let us know about something.

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