How to view planning appeals

View where a planning application has been appealed

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What are planning appeals?

Appeals are where a planning application has been rejected by the local planning authority, and the applicant (or someone on their behalf) has decided that an aspect of the decision was unfair. Or, it's where the application has fallen outside of the agreed timeframes for the planning authority to make a decision.

Why is the outcome of an appeal important to know?

It gives you a complete picture. Otherwise, you can never be sure whether a decision on an application is final.

Where can I see appeals?

You can view an appeal when the planning application has been appealed. You'll see details of the appeal just above the appealed application.

How often is appeals data updated?

We update appeals data every three months, in line with the data being made available to us from the Planning Inspectorate. We show appeals where a decision has been reached by the Planning Inspectorate.

What is the range of the data?

We go back to February 2010 with this data, which represents 12 years of planning appeals.

What packages can I see appeals on?

Unavailable on the free tier, but available on all others.

Do planning appeals count towards my limits?

Yes, they will do. Viewing appeals will count towards your view limit for the associated planning application.

What countries do you show appeals in?

We show appeals data for England at the moment. If you need appeals data for other countries within the UK, drop us a note.

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