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How do I download site reports?
How do I download site reports?
Downloading one-page overviews and detailed reports from LandInsight
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When you need to download information for a specific site from your LandInsight account, there are two options.

1. One-page overview

An initial look at some of the important information for a site. 

It includes details like a map, site specifications like building height, square footage, use classes, an overview of recent planning applications, and an ownership overview – all on one page.

This is perfect for initial evaluation and comparing multiple sites. 

2. Detailed report

More of a deep-dive on a specific site. 

Choose whether you want to add the overview, ownership data, planning information (including the 25 most recent planning applications), policy data and comparables – in whatever order works best for you (or take out the sections you don’t need entirely).

Downloading a site report

  • Go to the sites area. 

  • Go to the site card for the site you’re interested in. From here, click the “Download Report” button in the bottom left corner

  • Select which of the reports you want. If you select the detailed report, you will then be able to choose the sections you want, and reorder them as you want

  • The report downloads as a Word document – fully customisable based on whatever you need

Customising the report

The reports come as Word documents – meaning you have full control over customising the final report. Add in your company logo, additional information, images etc. and take out anything you don’t need.

Then, if you did want to save the file as a PDF (like if you’re sending it on to someone else and don’t want them to make changes) – you can export from Word as a PDF.

Starter and Pro plan users

The site reports feature is exclusive to Unlimited customers, but we didn’t want other plans to miss out.

As such we’ve given Starter and Pro users three free reports. Download them using the same details above.

If you're interested in upgrading your plan – get in touch through the Help button when logged in.

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