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How can I see my site-specific planning alerts?
How can I see my site-specific planning alerts?

The easy way to keep an eye on the area around a specific site

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Sometimes you want to know about planning applications made in a general area – like if you’re considering investing there.

Other times you have a particular site of interest – and you want to keep an eye on that site and the surrounding area for any planning applications. Maybe it’s a site you’re thinking of buying. Or maybe it’s one owned by a competitor and you want to keep an eye on them…

As for tracking them, that’s really simple.

How to see your site-specific planning alerts:

  1. Click on “Dashboard” in the menu at the top left side of the screen

  2. Click on Planning alerts at the top of the dashboard menu which will take you here:

  1. By default, the list will be “Planning search alerts” – the standard alerts (normally set up in the map mode).

  2. For site-specific alerts click on “Sites with alerts” to the right

  3. Click on a site to view all planning alerts set up for that site

  1. Once alerts for that site are shown, click on the alert you’re interested in and view the alert results

Not seeing any results?

If there are no results it’s probably because you haven’t got any site-specific planning alerts set up.

Remember: they’re different to standard planning alerts.

See how to set them up here.

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