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Can I alphabetise my Sites Pipeline?
Can I alphabetise my Sites Pipeline?

How to easily organise your opportunities

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By default, sites get added in chronological order, so your newer sites get added to the top of the section. But different people have different ways they like to organise their data – we get that.

You can manually move sites within a stage by simply dragging and dropping them. This lets you completely customise the order. 

But if you have a lot of sites and want to sort them easily (like alphabetising them), there’s a simpler way.

How to sort your Sites Pipeline

  1. Go to ‘list view’ instead of ‘stages view’ by using the toggle in the top right

  2. Click “Site” to sort alphabetically (and click again to do reverse alphabetical order) 

  3. You can also click any of the other fields to sort by that field instead

That lets you see all your sites however you want to.

Want to customise your pipeline? Here’s how to add a new stage.

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