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How can I find opportunities from GPDO changes?
How can I find opportunities from GPDO changes?

How to find suitable sites from the May 2019 changes

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May 2019 saw a number of changes in planning rules that can provide a big opportunity for developers (we wrote a blog post about it here).

Finding potential sites that match your requirements is incredibly easy with your LandInsight account.

Let’s say you want to make the most of the new rules that allow takeaway buildings to be converted into residential. 

Here’s what you’d do (Unlimited Plan only):

  1. Go to to the property layer

  2. Open the Property Search on the left

  3. Search for the appropriate class (in the case of food takeaway buildings, that’s “A5”)

  4. You’ll see all appropriate sites on the screen

  5. You can then save suitable sites to your sales pipeline to scope out the opportunity

Have more specific requirements?
You can add other requirements in too to narrow results – for example, you can search by size, rateable value, or find only unused/derelict sites.

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