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How do I search for all properties owned by a single owner?
How do I search for all properties owned by a single owner?

Seeing all the sites a person or company owns

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Sometimes you want to see how much property a particular person or company owns – for instance if you want to buy multiple sites from a single owner (or just want to scope out the competition).

LandInsight helps you to search and see which sites are owned by a particular company, making this process a lot easier.

Here’s how to make a search:

Step 1: Select the ‘Ownership’ layer from the layer selector (near the top right)

Step 2: Click the ‘Ownership Search’ tab in the middle of the screen on the left 

Note: When you conduct this search, it will always use the area on the screen. Zoom in if you want more focussed results or zoom out if you want to cover a wider area. 

Then if you move the map area on your screen, you’ll need to hit search again.

Step 4: You can set filters, such as tenure, proprietorship and parcel area to return the exact results you’re after (by default the parcel area is in sft, but you can change it to metric with the button, or acres by clicking on the set area.

Step 5: The search shows you the first 25 results. If you want to see more, simply keep scrolling and they will automatically load.

If you want to know more about a specific site, take a look at the Site Card for it.

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