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How do I use the Sites Pipeline?
How do I use the Sites Pipeline?

Keeping track of your saved sites

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The Sites Pipeline is where you can view and manage your saved sites to keep track of potential opportunities (for instance, those you're considering putting an offer on).

Simply click ‘Sites’ in the top left of your screen.

Welcome to your Sites Pipeline!

By default saved sites will be added to the ‘Site Saved’ column (makes sense, right?). But you can choose where it gets added to using the drop-down menu.

When you first start you will also have stages for ‘Opportunity’, “Letter Sent’ and ‘Deal Completed’, but you can add stages to personalise your pipeline (maybe things like ‘Negotiating’ or ‘Under Review’).

To move a site along the pipeline, simply drag and drop it from the current stage to the new one.

You can edit entire stages by clicking the ‘...’ next to the stage name.

(This includes deleting the stage, but if you try that you’ll get a pop-up warning that all sites in that stage will be deleted too. We really mean it, so pay attention to the warning).

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