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How to set up planning alerts for specific sites
How to set up planning alerts for specific sites

Track the planning activity for sites that are of interest to you.

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Got your eye on a site? Set up an alert and get notified about all planning activity concerning that site as soon as it hits the portal (within 24 hrs). Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Save the site that wish to set up the alert for. Simply click on the site (in the ownership or property information layer), and click 'Save'.

  • Your site has been saved and can be found in the Sites Area

Step 2: Go to your Sites Area and click on your site to reveal its site card. The site card give you a summary of all the important information regarding a site.

Step 3: Go to the Alerts section and click on, "Set up a new alert"

  • A map will appear with your site highlighted and encircled. 

Step 4: Set up a name for your alert (the property's address is a good idea) and enter any trigger terms in the 'Search Terms' Section.

These Search Terms can filter the alert for specific kinds of planning activity, such as 'Approved', 'Rejected', use class, etc.

  • Our system reads through the planning applications and filters for those applications which contain the search terms you enter here.

That's it! you've set the alert. Planning alerts will be sent to the registered email of the account holder. You can go to the dashboard to manage your planning alerts.

To change the frequency of your alerts go to the dashboard, then click on the planning tab and click 'change'.

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