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How to search for planning applications
How to search for planning applications
How to use the planning search feature. Find applications by status, approved, rejected, use class, etc.
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The planning search feature allows you to filter out sites based on the kind of planning applications that have been submitted for them. You no longer have to deal with clunky council websites. Aided by an intuitive interface, you're able to quickly search, filter and identify planning information for a given property or area in England and Wales. 

How to do a planning search

Step 1: Go to the area you're interested in on the map

All searches are limited to the visible area on the map. Zoom out to include more areas.

Step 2: Select the planning layer

In the Planning Layer, you can get an overview of the planning activity in any area. Larger dots represent larger applications and the darker these dots are, the newer the application - you can view a complete breakdown in our article 'What do the dots mean on the map in the planning application layer?'

Step 3: Click on the planning search tab on the left

Step 4: Type in filter keywords in the search bar or select from the popular keywords

You can use the two application boxes to include or exclude applications of interest. For example; I could filter for residential, approved applications for projects with more than 20 homes in Sutton.

You can then click on the application you're interested in to see more details.

Zoom to the site with one click.

To inspect the planning application further, click the 'View application' button. This will open up the planning application on the council website in a new tab.

Step 5: Takeaway your results

You can now takeaway your planning application results, up to a maximum of 100. You'll need to show 100 results by scrolling down, and then hitting the 'Export as CSV' button.

What else?

Can I search for a specific application?

If you know the reference number for an application, you can find it using the Planning Layer. Click Planning Search on the left and enter the application reference number. You'll then be able to click through for further details, view the location or save it to your Sites Area.

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