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How to export ownership data to excel for bulk letter sending
How to export ownership data to excel for bulk letter sending

Export addresses and owner information for bulk letter sending.

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Once you have saved all your sites of interest into one stage, you can export their ownership details all together into one excel sheet. This is particularly useful for mail-merge and bulk letter sending.

The export feature is only available to our unlimited plan users. Click here to request a free trial for the unlimited plan.  

How to export ownership data to excel:

Step 1:  Save all the sites you wish to export ownership data for in one Stage. In the example, I have saved my sites to a stage called 'Retail in WC1'.

Step 2: Go to the sites area.

Step 3: Hover over the drop down menu by the stage.

Step 4: Click 'Export owners (CSV)'.

That's it! Your excel sheet has been exported and downloaded. Check your downloads folder.

Do I have to save each site individually to a stage?

Not necessarily. If all the sites are next to each other, you can create a custom site. This will aggregate all the sites within that custom sites. So when you export the stage with the custom site, all the included sites will show up in the exported excel sheet.

To learn how to draw a custom site from scratch, click here.

You can also use the planning search tool or the property information search tool to filter out sites within an area and save them to a stage all together. To learn how to save multiple sites to stage following a search, click here.

Questions you may have:

What is mail merge?

Mail merge is an easy way of creating letters for bulk letter send out. It is not a LandInsight feature, but many of our users export excel files for letter sending. Here is a video explaining how to mail merge. Click here to go the video.

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