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How to see everything you need to know about a site, in one place
How to see everything you need to know about a site, in one place

Use the Site Card for comprehensive site details. Present sites to clients.

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What is a Site Card?

The Site Card is a visual compilation of all the important information regarding a site. It allows you to pin important comments, share information, add attachments, view the activity history and set up alerts.

To view the site card you first need to make sure the site you are looking at has been saved. 

This is what the Site Card looks like:

We like to think of it as a fully integrated way of assessing a site with ease. You can view all site information in as much detail as you like. You can use it to collaborate with your team members to make sure you're all on the same page. You can set up alerts that allow you to keep up to date with the important developments that are time sensitive.

You'll find yourself using your time more efficiently. The Site Card presents a much quicker way to assess all the information available about a site. You'll be able to add bespoke comments and attachments that can assist in assessing your site. They also present a collaborative way of assessing and reviewing as you're able to record the activity of each person in your team who have access.

How do I create a Site Card?

Simply save a site and you will be able to go to the Sites Area and access the site card for the Site Card.

Step 1: Save your site.

Step 2: Go to the Sites Area and click on the Site you just saved.

That's it! This will bring up the Site Card.

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How to use the site card for land assembly,

If you are looking to do a land assembly where you have to assess multiple plots/ sites together, use the land assembly mode. A site card will be generated for your custom site with information about all the plots in the land assembly. To learn how to create a land assembly, click here.

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