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How to find the Ultimate Owner of a site
How to find the Ultimate Owner of a site

Find out whether the freeholder of a site has a parent company.

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The Ultimate Owner feature is exclusive to our Unlimited Plan users. If you are a Starter or Pro user and wish to access this feature, click here. To learn what the Ultimate Owner feature is all about click here.

How to find the Ultimate Owner of a site:

Step 1: Select the ownership layer.

Step 2: Click on the site for which you wish to find ownership details.

  • The address, freeholder and leaseholder information will show up in the Land Ownership tab. 

In the above example, the freeholder for the site is "ST GEORGE NORTHFIELDS LIMITED". 

Step 3: Click on the freeholder's name. This will reveal the freeholder's contact details. As well as Ultimate Owner details can contact address.

In the above example, the freeholder is "ST GEORGE NORTHFIELDS LIMITED" but the Ultimate Owner is "THE BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS PLC".

This means that "THE BERKELEY GROUP HOLDINGS PLC" has ultimate controlling interest in "ST GEORGE NORTHFIELDS LIMITED" and thus would probably be the contact point for enquiries about this site.

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