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How to buy Land Registry Titles and Site Plans
How to buy Land Registry Titles and Site Plans

A step by step guide to buying Land Registry documents.

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You can buy Official Land Registry Titles and Site Plans right inside LandInsight at cost price (£3 each). Here's how to do it. 

Note: Before starting you may want to make sure you have Land Registry Credits. These are different from an Ownership View 'credit'. 

Step 1: Select the ownership layer.

Step 2: Click on the site for which you wish to find ownership details.

  • The address, freeholder and leaseholder information will show up in the Land Ownership tab. (Depending on the size of your display you may have to scroll down past the site address to see this information.) 



Step 3: Click on the name listed underneath the freeholder/leaseholder underneath "all intersecting owners":


  • If this is the first time you are doing this, you will be asked for a postal address. This is a necessary requirement as per Land Registry's systems. In the odd chance they don't have a digital title, they will post one out to you. Learn more about this here.

Step 5: Fill the form and click Purchase. Then click on 'View Title Register'

  • The title plan pdf will launch in a new tab.

That's it! You have bought your Official Land Registry Document. You can view it at any time in your dashboard.

Questions you may have:

Why am I getting an error message when buying a Land Registry document?

In some cases there can be errors and delays when purchasing Land Registry Titles and Plans. If you have received a 'pending' or 'failed' message click hereto see what may have happened.

Why do I need to enter a postal address when buying a Land Registry document?

Click here to find out why you need a postal address when buying Land Registry documents. 

What does "pending first registration" mean?

Click here to find out.

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