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How to find and contact the owner of a site?
How to find and contact the owner of a site?

How to find the freeholder or leaseholder of a property/ plot/ site. How to find owner contact information.

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In the Ownership Layer you can view the ownership and contact information for any site whose owner is in the public domain. Sites owned by companies, corporate bodies, local authorities, housing associations, etc can easily be identified as such. This is the 'Ownership View' feature. You will have a free allowance of Ownership Views as per your subscription plan.

The Ownership View feature can't give you ownership and contact information for sites owned by private individuals. To find ownership information for a site owned by a private individual you will have to purchase the Land Registry Title. Learn how to do that here.

How to find the owner of a site:

Step 1: Select the Ownership Layer.

Note: The ownership map is colour coded according to freeholder ownership information. For Example, red means the freeholder is a company. The sites without colour have private owners. Make sure the 'Known freeholders' toggle is on to view the map in this way.

Step 2: Click on the site for which you wish to find ownership details.

  • The address, freeholder and leaseholder information will show up in the Land Ownership tab. (Depending on the size of your display you may have to scroll down past the site address to see this information.) 


In the above example, the freeholder for the site is "LOTUS GROUP LIMITED" and the leaseholder is "The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children".

Note: Simply clicking on a site in the ownership layer counts as one ownership view.


How to find the contact address for the site owner:

Step 3: Follow the last two steps to find the site owner. Then simply click on the owners (freeholder's/ leaseholder's) name to view their contact details 


The contact address data is taken from the Companies House Database.


Want to find out more about the owner?

If you wish to learn more about the owner, click on the 'external link icon' by the owner's name. This will take you to the Companies House website (in a new tab) where you can learn more about the company.

Questions you may have:

Ultimate Owner, What's that all about?

One of the essential steps within the development process is contacting the landowner. In the instances where there are many companies within a company, the Ultimate Owner feature helps you determine who is the right contact.

LandInsight can tell you whether the owner company of a site is has a 'parent' company and can link you to their contact information. This feature is exclusive to our Unlimited Plan users. To learn how to use the Ultimate Owner feature, click here.


So you cant see the freeholder's name? Says '1 freeholder' instead?

This is because the site's owner is a private individual. Sites owned by private individuals are colourless in the Ownership Layer. You can still find out who the owner is and their contact address. You will have to purchase the Land Registry Title deed which you can do in LandInsight at cost price. Click here for find out how.


How do I buy original Land Registry documents?

For further information about the site, you can purchase the original land registry title and title plan from within the ownership tab. These are not the same as ownership views. In order to purchase land registry titles, you will have to top up your account with Land Registry credits. Click here to learn how to buy Land Registry titles and plans.  

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