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Can I use LandInsight on mobile?
Can I use LandInsight on mobile?
LandInsight GO, our mobile app allows you to find sites on the go
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LandInsight GO is the mobile companion to LandInsight’s web application.  It’s the easiest way to save photos, address details and comments for potential sites when you're on the go. View and manage all your existing sites from your mobile.

Key Features:

  • Save and find sites on the go - Save, view and comment on all your sites from your mobile device. 

  • Take a photo, find site details- Take a photo of a site, the app will find the address and site details based on your location. 

  • Seamless desktop synchronisation - LandInsight’s mobile and desktop applications automatically sync with each other. Save sites on the go and find them waiting for you when you’re back at the office.

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